Adventure in Paragliding in Medellin

Medellin, Colombia · 1 - 12 People · 2 hours · Join-in activity

$58 USD Per Person

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Enjoy a day observing the Medellín River, Cerro El Quitasol,  Represa la Garcia, Cerro el Picacho and Páramo las baldías the most beautiful mountains from the heights. It will be an extreme and unforgettable experience.

The flight in paragliding is very pleasant and smooth without sensations of strong falls.


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  • adults: (+12 years)

    $58 USD Per Person

  • children: (6-11 years)

    $0 USD per child

  • infants: (0-5 years)

    $0 USD per infant


Activity Schedule

  • Every day 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


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Usage instructions

It consists of comfortably walks through the valley taking off gently to enjoy the breathtaking view. Unlike airplane flights the feeling of freedom is superior as there is no obstacle between the landscape and the passenger.

The sensation is the same as the birds; Only the wind feels. The security is maximum we carry a protection for the back of the passenger, emergency parachute, helmet and everything necessary to make our flight more pleasant and safe. During the flight you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor. It is the easiest and safest way to fly. Accessible to people of all ages, without restriction. No prior knowledge is required.

Cancelation policy

When requesting a reservation, the user accepts the cancellation policy detailed below.

For confirmed reservations:

A refund of 100% of the price paid at the time of booking will be made if you cancel up to 7 DAYS in advance of the reserved day.

A refund of 85% of the price paid at the time of booking will be made if canceled up to 3 DAYS before the reserved day.

No refund will be made if canceled less than 72 hours before the reserved day.

Important information

Location of the place

The place is located in KM 6 Corregimento San Felix (Bello), just 45-50 minutes from Medellin, on the road to San Pedro de los Milagros.

This activity is done under good weather conditions.

The idea of ​​the flight is that we always gain height, we would fly by the zone of takeoff and we return to land in the same point from which we left.

But there are days that due to the climatic conditions we are difficult to gain height, therefore, we would have to land down in the city, in the municipality of Bello (this municipality is relatively close to Medellín).

Starting Point

KM 6 Corregimento San Félix (Bello), a solo 45-50 minutos de Medellín, en la vía hacia San Pedro de los Milagros.

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